HEIMER is committed to maintaining ethical practices and a low environmental impact. We source and manufacture locally, crafting handmade pieces from high-quality repurposed deadstock, vintage and recyclable materials.

Our designs are non-seasonal and developed in our London studio while all our suppliers, manufacturers and the distribution are based in Europe within close proximity to each other. By repurposing deadstock (a supplier’s or company’s leftover inventory) and vintage materials we choose to use what is already there, reducing waste by integrating leftover materials into our manufacturing process.

All leather goods are handcrafted in the north of Italy and are made exclusively of high-quality deadstock leather, sourced and collected locally. The metal hardware is custom-made in Italy while the chainmail body is handmade in the south of Germany with material sourced locally from Austria. This is the last step in the manufacturing process; therefore all our products are distributed directly from South Germany to further reduce our carbon emissions.

Further, all our products come in dustbags made from 100% organic cotton and are packaged in fully recyclable and biodegradable boxes handmade in Germany from FSC certified and recycled paper.  

Sourcing locally within Europe allows us to maintain close contact with our suppliers and manufacturing facilities which gives us good oversight of our supply chain. This also enables us to ensure transparency and that ethical practices are maintained.

We are committed to continuously question and improve our practices towards a fully sustainable and radically transparent brand.


Manufacturing & Sourcing Locally